Start enjoying life again

Shield the boredom.

The most common emotions found in an office environment is boredom and anger, anger most probably being the first. You need to find a way to keep yourself busy and not get bored half way through the day. You need to make a decision. Either shield the boredom from your co-workers and mainly your boss, they do not need your negativity. Or, make the leap and change your job. Don’t like what you’re doing, change your career. We no longer have to stay with an employer for the rest of our lives. There are many industries out there to move in to, and your current job does not need negativity for the team. Find out what you’re interested in and see if it can addressed in your current situation. If not, make the leap.


Turn off ALL distractions.

Mobile devices can be hard to put down when something exciting is happening in your life. But you need to turn off all distractions. This should be for breaks and outside of office so you no longer mix work and personal life.


Smile 🙂

If you’re having a bad day, why don’t you think about something that makes you’re happy, it can improve your work quantity.


Stretch those legs of yours.

It’s important to move out of the awkward position you’ve been sitting in all day. Get up and have a walk around the office. You don’t want to have a numb bum.


Bring the rainforest to your desk.

Green plants such as a Christmas cactus, Hosta or a Chlorophytum (spider plant) can reduce tiredness and stress within the work place.  They act as an air humidifier and can help those with allergies and clean the air you work in.


Let the sun shine.

Make sure the lighting within your working environment is bright and not dull. A dull room can make you tired and cranky. The blue-enriched white light is thought to be more effective because it targets a photoreceptor in the eye and is believed to produce an uplifting effect in mood.


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