Working women put on more weight than men

working office woman

Did you know if you’re a working woman that works 35 hours a week you are more prone to gain weight? This is due to all the long hours you are sitting down, reducing time to cook healthy, home prepared nutritious meals. You will find that you snack throughout the day when you aren’t even hungry just because you’re bored or because someone stuffs three biscuits in your face.

If you aren’t doing exercise after work or you drive to work then you won’t be burning fat – you’ll be storing it. Eating fatty foods will also cause health issues further down the line if you don’t exercise or eat properly during work hours.

Weight gain can also trigger sleeping troubles, it can mess with your sleeping patterns tremendously. If you work over 49 hours a week you’re more than likely to smoke or drink more than somebody that works between 20 and 35 hours a week.

Keeping a good work life balance can be hard but if you exercise and make time to prepare healthy meals for either at lunch or after work then you will narrow down the chances of gaining weight and causing serious health issues to your body.

5 ways to stay active at work:

  1. Walk – make sure you have at least 20 minutes a day to walk, try it during your lunch and you’ll have more energy for the afternoon
  2. Take the stairs – if you’re prone to taking the lift, take the stairs! You can at least do it on the way home…
  3. Don’t call your colleague, why not walk over and speak to them.
  4. Don’t eat your lunch at your desk. This way you’re more prone to get up off your seat!
  5. Make sure you move away from your desk at least once every hour – even if it just to stand up, this will improve fatigue and lower your blood pressure.

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