How to stay healthier at work!


Introducing seven different steps to a healthier and ultimately happier you. Losing weight, sleeping right, drinking and eating the right things will change you into the person that you could be and it’s all right here.

Eating a balanced diet

One of the hardest things to control is your diet, but it’s extremely important that you do. What we eat has direct effects on our health. Eating the right things can eliminate the chance of high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. Eating fruits, vegetables and whole grains while eating fewer sugars will keep your cholesterol down and help you enjoy a long and happy life.

Get the hours sleep you need

Lack of sleep has been proven to increase your chances of heart attacks, high blood pressure and other very serious illnesses. To be at your maximum potential on a day to day basis you are recommended to have eight and a half hours sleep. Getting that much needed rest at night will help to improve both memory and creativity and also help to improve fitness and skill levels whilst making you live longer.

Exercising regularly

The benefits of exercise are well documented and its easier than ever now to get involved thanks somewhat to the Olympics and the resulting funding from that. Most people focus on the calories burnt while exercising but these are arguably not the most important calories; its the calories that you continue to burn after you exercise thanks to your boosted metabolism. Ideally do some exercise early in the day and you will have a raised metabolism for the rest of the day, meaning you can get away with an extra biscuit or two. The physical benefits of exercise are obvious but the mental benefits shouldn’t be overlooked either. Doing exercise will increase your confidence levels and give you a big endorphin rush. Its win win.

Put down the cigarettes

Smoking is one of the most toxic life choices you could choose. Most people know the risks of smoking and just ignore them choosing to put back quitting for another week. Continuing you will not only develop respiratory problems, you will greatly increase your chances of coronary heart disease and it has been related to many lung cancer deaths. People, who don’t smoke live longer, breathe and sleep easier and are all-round healthier.

Keep drinking to a minimum

I like a drink as much as the net man, in fact, I am very much looking forward to the office Christmas party this year, but it actually has some fairly worrying side effects. Its bad for your liver, stomach and, in too great quantities, your heart. Another often overlooked detriment to drinking is the effect on your waistband. Just one large glass of wine can be pushing as much as 200 calories. Opt for a lower calorie version like a gin and tonic; “Oh if I have to”.

Keeping on top of stress

Stress is a natural feeling that at times is unavoidable, but there are ways in which to combat stress and keep it to a low. Top ways to do this include taking part in stress reducing activities; yoga, stretching and deep breathing exercises. One way I like to combat stress is by making a to do list. I tend to get stressed when I feel like everything is getting on top of me a bit. When this happens I find the easiest, quickest way to take a chill pill (other than taking a chill pill!) is to make a list of everything i have to do. Even if i don’t actually do any of it there and then,, just putting it on paper makes everything seem far less daunting.

Drink more water

This is possibly one of the most under used and under rated health trick in the book. Water is a super-liquid in essence a medicine; helping to flush metabolic waste, make you feel fuller if wanting to lose weight and making a real difference to your skin promoting a radiant glow for everyone to see. Get chugging.

So there it is, 7 simple steps. Just doing a few of them will help, or even doing one is a start. Why not try just one of them and let us know how you got on.

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