How to stay efficient while working on the move!

The thought of working away from the office may leave you with knots in your stomach, or it may give you a sense of freedom that you simply didn’t know existed during the regular 9-5.

Whether you’re spending the day travelling to various meetings, promoting your business or brand, or simply working from a different location- keeping on top of your regular duties and most importantly, staying connected, can sometimes seem like a bit of a struggle. Working on the move is a time to remember that technology is your friend! Our top tips should help you survive life on-the-go.

Think Ahead

Try and schedule your work day as clearly as possible. The hours will soon clock up when you’re on the move…and you don’t want to be left responding to your emails at 11.30pm that evening! If you’re traveling to an unfamiliar location, add a little extra time for travel- it’s the one factor that is most likely to make you overrun!

Optimise Your Travel Time

Unless you’re driving to your destination, the commute may just save your work day. Treat the train, tube, plane or bus as a compact, portable office and use it to complete the daily tasks that you would first turn your attention to on an average day in the office.

If you’re driving, use it as an opportunity to brush up on your skills. Find a podcast relevant to your industry and press play. After all, you should learn something new every day, don’t you?

You Don’t Always Need To Multi-task

Check your emails at set intervals throughout the day. If you’re constantly trying to respond to emails, then the chances are that you’re sending sloppy replies and not concentrating on the task-in-hand. Can’t bear to look away from your phone? An ‘out-of-office’ auto-reply may ease your separation anxiety.

Stay Connected

Social media accounts are quite possibly the quickest and easiest methods of communicating with your audience. So why not Tweet your day?

TIP: If you’re using your phone, remember to log out of your personal account before you leave the house that morning. Likewise, don’t forget to log out of the business account and back into your personal one as soon as you get home! We’re sure that your professional profile could do without the latest cat GIF that you found (or maybe it could, who knows?)

Don’t Forget Your Chargers

We don’t think we need to say much more about this one, do we?

Take Note

Inspiration can strike at the unlikeliest of times- and it’s most likely to happen while you’re out-and-about, rather than sitting in the office! So be sure to take note of all of your thoughts throughout the day. If you’re not a fan of typing notes on a smartphone or tablet, download a dictation app before you leave for the day. As iPhone users, our personal favourite is Voice Recorder HD. The app lets your record the notes on your phone and then upload to Dropbox, which eliminates the risk of your files getting buried under your Instagram photos, WhatsApp videos and the screenshot of that message you needed to share with your friends earlier on.

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