Cutting printing costs

Gain Complete Control over Your Printing

Optimizing your office printing is the first step to minimizing printing expenses. Most IT administrators do not know the extent to which unmanaged printing costs are stressing budgets. An MPS allows you to gain visibility and control over your document workflow. It will help you to better understand its cost structure, usage patterns, and service needs to build an ideal printing environment.

Leverage Printing Solutions to Reduce Waste

Security solutions that promote responsible printing practices help reduce printing costs. Secure pull printing locks each print job before the user releases it at the printer, minimizing wasteful printing. Unclaimed jobs can be deleted, too.

Enforcing specific printing rules can also save costs. Rule-based printing allows IT administrators to enable, disable, and adjust certain printing functions. For instance, you can route particular print jobs to more cost-efficient output devices, or restrict certain print functions such as color printing.

You want to utilize these cost-saving solutions, but you’re worried about the price. If you invest in an open architecture platform, you can add all of these customized solutions and extend the value of your printer without purchasing expensive new hardware.

Calculate the Total Cost of Ownership

As part of a cost-cutting drive, many businesses try to cut corners by buying cheap supplies. For example, they purchase non-genuine toner, which can cost significantly less than the original product. However, a non-genuine toner may result in toner leakage, low quality prints, excessive printer noise, and equipment failure – all of which can cost even more money to resolve down the road.

Printing can take up a large portion of our workflows and total costs. But if you take the above points into consideration, you can take these costs under control.

Transform the way you cut costs. You’d be surprised how much you can save.

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