Top tips of social media marketing!

  1. Post regularly

This comes up every year, but it is always relevant. Posting on a regular basis is still one of the very best ways to all but guarantee some form of engagement. It keeps things ticking over between campaigns, and it ensures that your brand is in people’s minds.

But what has been interesting over the last nine months or so is the amount of data that people are collecting on post frequency. Obviously, we have a few things to say about that, but there are also some other voices joining in on frequency.

In the end though, it is as it always was, and forever will be. Post frequently, and don’t go quiet, whatever you do.

  1. Post unique stuff, your stuff

Every year this becomes increasingly urgent. With the Internet and social media in particular becoming saturated with content, it is incredibly difficult to get noticed now without using your content on a more regular basis. This means spicing feeds up with your infographics, links to your posts and podcasts, and so on.

Obviously, now and then you can dip into the well and pick out some of the curated stuff, but don’t overdo it. You are simply adding to the noise, and you will find that people switch off. Painful, but true, and becoming even more apparent in these busier times. Everyone has access to curated feeds. It’s not a thing anymore.

  1. Stick to what you are good at

Perhaps a little weird to hear still, considering how easy it is to join pretty much any social network, but sticking to one and getting very good at it still rings true as advice. So many businesses have dead social media accounts as they realise that they just don’t have the interest or ability to be on the tenth one they joined six months ago. It doesn’t look very good, and anyone who thinks that it does doesn’t understand social media.

It’s always best to be very good at something and then, and only then, to venture out and try to get momentum on another platform. Some of the biggest names in social media marketing are the marketing ‘guru’ types. And they have built their entire business models and careers around one platform initially. Don’t spread yourself thin.

  1. Images on Twitter are GREAT!

Only use images now on Twitter. Use them alongside text, but images will account for a lot of your engagement, so your main aim is to find images that hit the spot.

Use the best images, as we mentioned in the point before this one, but whatever you do, don’t ever create a tweet without first putting together an image for it. It is now a simple fact that has become very clear; images gain more engagement than text tweets alone.

We’ll leave it to the guys themselves to make it clear.

  1. ‘Do’ customer service

Customer service through social media is very much hitting a high point now. Some companies started it years ago, and others are just beginning to pick it up. But it is very much the only way forward now on social for many companies to establish better relations with their audience and just boost their PR overall.

Customer service doesn’t need to be intense, it could just be you responding to what your customers are saying about you, good and bad. But the more you do it, and the more you show that you are genuinely involved in the conversation about your company, the more people will realise that you care.

Again, some businesses do it amazingly well, but they may have more resources than others. If you do nothing but just listen and respond when you can, that’s still lots more than companies do on social media

  1. Don’t keep making silly mistakes with content

If you find that content that hits a certain theme gets no traffic or engagement, then stop posting stuff that hits that theme. Let’s say you have successful posts about branding and decide to post a couple of funnier pieces that just don’t get any engagement. Guess what? Your people like the straight branding stuff.

Start looking at your analytics and see which posts and updates resonate more with your audience and go back to these ideas. Expand on them. Build authority.

Create stuff that extends the points you’ve made so that you are getting more traction as people keep coming back for the content they like to see.

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