How to decorate a small office

Try using some cute little stickers or toys or knick-knacks or bobble heads, or whatever! Anything that floats your boat.

Try decorating around your computer screen.

Buy your own chair, if permitted. If you have the money, and your workplace allows it, buy your own chair! Make it nice, make it customized to you.

Get stickers of whatever color you like that fits around it, and add it to your keyboard or mouse. You can find some that are fit specifically for those things at most supermarkets.

Always keep it neat.
 And don’t add too many things. Less is more!

Decorate your wallpaper on your computer! Make it nice, fun.

Add colourful sticky notes for reminders, or nice messages.
To cheer yourself up.

Add posters.
 If you have a cubicle, put a few posters up!

Add a fun calendar!

And anything else you can think of. Be creative! Don’t just do the exact things this article is telling you, make the place around you yourself!

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