What to do when you are ill at work!

Dose up on medicine!

Don’t be one of those people that think they are okay and then you find themselves taking medicine half way through the day when it’s too late. Be prepared!

Don’t complain loads

You know it’s just going to make you feel worse and everyone around you is going to get annoyed about that fact that you keep going on! Just stop and keep it to yourself.

Don’t talk if you can help it

People who are ill tend to say weird things, plus if your voice is all raspy and weird then you’ll get loads of people saying “wow what’s wrong with you?” which could provoke you to break down.

Listen to music

Maybe not if your head is hurting but if you are feeling really bad, stick on some excellent tunes and that will make your day go faster and might make you feel better.

Wrap up warm

Basically, you have got to make sure you have enough layers to cover any shivers. Make sure you aren’t cold it will only make you worse!

Eat a lunch with loads of colours

Steer away from having artificial colouring & eat proper colours like red and green peppers. Having a good diet is really effective when you’re not feeling too great. Keep your lunch as fresh as possible, but if you need to grab that chocolate bar or biscuit if you know it will cheers you up.

If all else fails, go home! You don’t want to be the one that causes everyone to be ill at work, and sometimes only sleep will cure that cold!

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