What characters are in your office?

Ever think some of your colleagues are absolutely bonkers? Or maybe you bring a dynamic atmosphere to your workplace? Your character is something you can’t hide, no matter how professional you are.

Research shows you’re mixed up of four basic personality types: sanguine, phlegmatic, choleric and melancholic. Most people’s personalities are based on their genetics. Your personality is then also built up of two completely different features: character and temperament.

There’s always someone that you won’t get along with. Nobody can click with every personality they meet. In your working environment you’ll always have: the class clown, the chatterbox, the square, the sensible one and many more characters that will grind your gears some way or another. You may be able to find a colleague for each of the characters below. But the question is:

Which one are you?





Clean Freak

Sensible One

Know it all

Talented one

Tea maker

Day dreamer

Grumpy one

Annoying one


Bossy one

Well-mannered one


Let us know which one you are!

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