4 ways to save printer ink

At the office, waste cutting equals cost cutting. By reducing the amount of supplies you use or how often you use them, you can improve your ecological footprint.

But where should you star? There are lots of easy to make your workplace into a green office, for one… Printer Ink. Every office uses it but few use it efficiently.printerink_shutterstock_88367311

Change your font

It has been proven that changing your font can save printer ink. The most efficient fonts are Century Gothic, Ecofont and Times New Roman.

Change your settings

Most printers have a draft or Economode option in the settings. Switch it on to save ink each and every time you print.

Mind your pages

It’s a simple step that takes only a few seconds: Select only the pages you require. Often, the last page includes banners or fine print that you will end up throwing away. Be mindful before you hit the print button.

Simple errors lead to re-printing

Please spell check your document and if possible ask a co-worker just to check it over before printing. If you find a mistake before printing it is easy to change it but if you find a mistake when it has been printed you have to change the document and print it all again.